Writers want as many readers as possible. And readers want to find something new and brilliant that they can claim as their own discovery. Online creative writing pages provide an opportunity for writers to, in Walt Whitman’s words, “sound [their] barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world” to readers in other cities and countries. The Lumière Reader hopes to provide its readers with a selection of stimulating and provocative short-fiction and poetry, which will be replenished periodically, and its writers with a wide, respectful readership for their work.

There are no restrictions on the style, genre or subject matter of contributions; anything could work, provided it is written well enough. Our only request is that fiction submissions be no more than 2,500 words, and poetry no more than five poems.

Regrettably from 2010, The Lumière Reader will no longer be accepting creative writing submissions. The existing collection of short fiction and poetry will migrate our new website in the new year.

Amy Brown,
Creative Writing Editor
The Lumière Reader

Latest Submissions

Short Fiction, 26/10/2009
» Zebra Forearms, by Jimmy Aston

Poetry/Short Fiction, 7/9/2009
» Pointless Words; Seagulls, by Eli Kent
» Voices, by Majella Cullinane

Poetry, 31/8/2009
» What Was It?; A Red Canvas; Newly Discovered Sites on the Moon; Home Leave; Your Right Arm, by Jessica Le Bas

Poetry, 20/7/2009
» Burn Rate, by David Eggleton
» The rival, by Harvey Molloy

Poetry, 29/6/2009
» In this poem, by Mariana Isara
» At six, by Desh Balasubramaniam

Poetry, 25/5/2009
» after reading Sam Hunt’s poem ‘Better than this?’ (or why poetry is worthwhile), by Vaughan Gunson

Poetry, 30/3/2009
» Willow Green Willow, by Mary Cresswell
» 5 Million Scovilles on Toast, by Charlotte Simmonds

Poetry/Short Fiction, 16/3/2009
» James Bond and the Diabetic Bridesmaid; Another Ex-Expatriate; The Boxer’s Dog, by Katy Giebenhain
» Anti-Militant, by Michael Botur

Poetry, 22/12/2008
» Theory of light, by Joan Fleming

Poetry, 15/12/2008
» Fifteen; The Hoarder; ‘Josephine’, by Craig Cliff

Poetry, 1/12/2008
» Andromeda; Pagan Song, by Alexandra Fraser

Poetry, 17/11/2008
» A Sunny Place; Sugar, by Jeffrey S. Correa

Poetry, 27/10/2008
» Sidestepping, by Ian C Smith
» LUCKY., by Anna Kelly

Poetry/Short Fiction, 6/10/2008
» Materialism, by Medb Charleton
» Pleasantries, by Gina Williams

Poetry, 29/9/2008
» Chinese Pop Music, by Jessie Borrelle

Poetry, 8/9/2008
» Marilyn; A walk in the park, by Ann-Marie Keating
» Road trip up North, by Bill Nelson
» r.i.p. Niccolò Paganini, by Pan Xiaohui

Poetry/Short Fiction, 11/8/2008
» Mother Love; The Ecological Niche of Manawa, by Alexandra Fraser
» Before difference, by Raechel Rees
» Country Pubs and Waiting Rooms, by Oscar Tunnicliff

Poetry/Short Fiction, 14/7/2008
» Aquarium, by Gene Banyard
» My fortunate day; Not Another Story About Love; Of books and bookcases, by Kiri Piahana Wong

Poetry, 30/6/2008
» Lunch at Springs Junction, by Helen McKinlay

Poetry/Short Fiction, 16/6/2008
» Twice a Day Until Finished; Miss Dust Checks Out, by Johanna Aitchison
» Between Roma and Chinchilla there’s Miles, by Mikaela Nyman

Poetry, 19/5/2008
» Can’t you come back?; Atmosphere; Evolution, by Ian C Smith

Poetry, 28/4/2008
» Autumn Evening, at 15; Dunedin, Summer Evening, by Michael Hall
» Spell for Cold Weather; Ten Answers, Way Out, by Helen Lehndorf

Poetry/Short Fiction, 7/4/2008
» Jareth the Goblin King addresses Sarah upon her completion of his labyrinth, by Sam Gaskin
» This is the Main Problem, by Nathan Poole

Poetry, 25/2/2008
» A Consciously Diminishing Equation, by Iain Britton
» Monster, by Maria McMillan

Poetry/Short Fiction, 11/2/2008
» The Season, by Saradha Koirala
» Questions and Answers, by Jennifer Van Beynen

Poetry/Short Fiction, 28/1/2008
» O animator, by Sam Searle
» Everything You Hold Dear, by Philip Pantuso

Short Fiction, 14/1/2008
» The Kick Inside, by Craig Cliff
» Christchurch; Cuckolded, by Pip Adams

Poetry, 1/1/2008
» Monday in the library, by Joan Fleming
» The Cat Poems, by Cy Mathews
» Mt Cook Cafe, by Mariana Isara

Poetry, 17/12/2007
» All Saints and the day of an operation, by Elizabeth Smither
» Wind in her Hair, by Barry Southam

Poetry, 4/12/2007
» Learning Experiences; At the Observatory, by Charlotte Simmonds
» Clavicle, by Siobhan Harvey