Comedy Festival 2008, SkyCity Theatre
April 29-May 3 | Reviewed by Darren Bevan

“You’ll be none the wiser by the end of the night.” —Jimeoin.

You have to admire that kind of honesty – and being brutally frank by the time the Irishman left the stage I was none the wiser – although I did realise that all of the idiosyncracies and absurdities that were mentioned throughout his performance, some of them I did actually identify with.

I have to admit to having had no prior knowledge of Jimeoin before his opening show and wasn’t sure when he wandered onto the stage, whether it actually was him or someone lost from the packed crowd at SkyCity Theatre who’d made it onto the stage. There was hardly a fanfare when he walked on and it was a fairly inauspicious start to the show.

However, it warmed up after some initial cheery banter with the crowd and the usual late comers. Jimeoin’s act was unpredictable and followed no discernible path – a lot of his initial comedy relied heavily on facial expressions but none of that appeared to be lost on the crowd toward the back of the room.

It’s fair to say the show took a gentle path into absurdism, the majority of which was actually grounded in a degree of reality. There were plenty of suitably funny moments on a wide range of issues – from nasal hair, sharing a moment with your fridge, smelling people’s fingers, the positioning of a drummer in a band, brazilians, to how evil geniuses never share a mild laugh after revealing their plan.

He even did an encore – although it was heavily forewarned by Jimeoin himself. (aren’t encores for comedians somewhat odd?) Throw in a couple of musical numbers towards the end (including perennial favourite Third Drawer Down) and you’re left with a real crowd pleasing show which saw many amused and happy to wander off into the appalling Auckland weather conditions.