THE LUMIÈRE READER published film criticism, arts journalism and digital documentaries between 2003—16.

As a platform for emerging New Zealand writers and artists, it was one of the country’s first and longest-running arts and culture websites.


We are currently in the process of migrating content. If you need access to a specific article or would like to reach out to the editors or contributors, please get in touch.

Interim Author Archives

Aaron Caleb Bardo
Abby Cunnane
Alexander Bisley
Alice May Connolly
Alistair Kwun
Alix Campbell
Amy Brown
Andy Palmer
Aziza Buckley
Barney Chunn
Brannavan Gnanalingham
Charles Bisley
Christine Linnell
Dan Kelly
David Straight
Deborah Eve Rea
Doug Dillaman
Emma Adams
Graeme Edgeler
Gregor Cameron
Hanna Scott
Jacob Powell
James Manning
James Robinson
Jihee Junn
Joan Fleming
Jonathan Price
Julia Cooper
Kimaya McIntosh
Ksenia Khor
Lana Doyle
Laura Suzuki
Lauren Pyle
Lee Posna
Leo Koziol
Liberty van Voorthuysen
Louise Wallace
Lucy Craig
Luke Buda
Maggie White
Martyn Pepperell
Megan Dunn
Melinda Jackson
Michael Boyes
Michael Gould
Mohamad Atif Slim
Murdoch Stephens
Nathan Joe
Nina Fowler
P.R. Harris
Patrick Carroll
Peter Bisley
Rachael Morgan
Renee Gerlich
Renee Liang
Robert Metcalf
Saiya Guo
Sam Brooks
Samuel Holloway
Samuel Phillips
Sapna Samant
Saradha Koirala
Sarah Penwarden
Stacey Knott
Steve Garden
Steve Wakeem
Svenda Ström
Thomas Phillips
Thomasin Sleigh
Tim Glasgow
Tim Wong
Tom Horder
Tom Webb
Uther Dean
Zhou Ting-Fung

The Lumière Reader presents

A web series of original essay films and digital documentaries made with funding from NZ On Air.

Against Efficiency and other texts (coming soon)

“Is criticism still relevant?” A suite of texts commissioned by Blue Oyster Art Project Space as part of their annual Summer Writing Residency, presented by The Lumière Reader.