About the Summer Writing Residency

Whanganui032Motivated to support and promote diverse perspectives and healthy debate around arts culture in New Zealand, this suite of texts is a result of a new collaboration between the Blue Oyster Art Project Space and The Lumière Reader. Both organisations recognised a shared opportunity to foster creative and critically engaged writing practices around contemporary art by offering the recipient an opportunity to use the Blue Oyster as a studio for six weeks, and then develop a published text with the mentorship of The Lumière Reader.

Residency applicants were invited to respond to the question “is criticism still relevant?” and the premise of the Residency was to develop an extended text within the field of contemporary art criticism. Residency recipient Matilda Fraser proposed to examine the value-exchange systems surrounding present modes of critique.

Wellington-based emerging artist and writer Matilda Fraser holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Massey University (2012). She has exhibited her work at Enjoy Public Art Gallery (2013) and has written for EyeContact as well as a range of publications for exhibition. She has also studied at the International Institute of Modern Letters.

A huge thank you to those who supported the Residency:

  • Steve and Morag from Aquinas College
  • Lynley Edmeades, Thomasin Sleigh and Greg Kan
  • The other residency applicants who took the time to apply
  • Everyone who donated to the Residency Givealittle Cause

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